Shipping’s Profound Impact on the Safety of Coastal Waters

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Now that you have spent some time with Stu and this week’s Conversations That Matter guest Robert Lewis-Manning, you can see that many questions arise from their conversation about commercial shipping and environmental protection.

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Every year the Western Canada’s gateway generates over 21 billion dollars in economic activity. Thousands of ships transit BC’s Coastal waterways bringing cargo in and taking it out.

The new Oceans Protection Plan plays a key role in the management of industry and the environment, but what does it really create?


Here are five points to consider from this week’s discussion:

  1. Do tougher regulations that require working with First Nations and Indigenous Communities go far enough in identifying environmentally sensitive areas of cultural, social and economic importance?
  2. Will stronger polluter pay principles, identification of safe refuge sites, 24 – 7 emergency response and the continued modernization of the ship pilot regime provide the appropriate level of oversight to prevent a major environmental crisis?
  3.  What more could the federal and provincial governments be doing to lessen the impact of shipping on the Southern Resident Whale population?
  4. Does the underwater noise generated by ships play a large role in preventing Orcas from identifying the location of the Chinook Salmon that is the staple of their diet
  5.  How will an increase in oil and LNG tanker traffic already impact this sensitive ecosystem?

Gaining More Perspective:

Conversations That Matter provides a forum for a wide range of thought leaders on environmental safety in coastal waters. For a conservationist perspective, listen in to our recent episode with Andrew Day who addresses the stewardship and development issues in Howe Sound.


We invite you to be a part of this ongoing dialogue that goes beyond the headlines to examine the issues that matter to Canadians.

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