The Promise and Pitfalls of Alleyway Revitalization

This week on Conversations That Matter, Stu sits down with the team that revitalizes downtown Vancouver alleyways in an effort to create vibrant community spaces in the much-maligned spots known for their nefarious activity.

The conversation is an important one—how can Vancouver continue to revitalize spaces and bring new life to areas that need a boost.


Revitalization has a unique ability to spark life in neighbourhoods including:

  • an economic boost
  • opportunities to reduce crime
  • drawing people into new parts of the community

There is, however, a less new and shiny side that can accompany revitalization, particularly in low-income neighbourhoods where people have lived for generations. That is the irreparable displacement of small businesses, residents and community identity through gentrification.

Bay-Area rappers The Gift of Gab tell this story of the middle-classing of cities that robs diverse communities of their community spaces.

Creating a dialogue around the issues surrounding revitalization and gentrification is challenging and full of opportunities for us to expand our perspective.

Please take the opportunity to watch this short piece directed by Eliot Galá
and produced by Chanel Ly to learn about the plight of Vancouver residents of Chinatown who are fighting against displacement and gentrification.

熱土 No Stone Unturned from Eliot Z Galan on Vimeo.


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