Pioneering Research Reveals Brain Can Heal Itself

The brain, it’s a weird, mysterious, complicated organ. For most of us, we spend our time wondering how men are from Mars and woman are from Venus; or contemplate how we remember what we were wearing in third grade, but can’t remember to pick up toilet paper from the grocery store.

However, the researchers digging into making sense of those dichotomies are making tremendous progress in helping all of us understand the power of the brain, and its ability to heal.

In this week’s Conversations That Matter episode, Stu sat down with University of Toronto researcher Dr. Norman Doidge to talk about his own studies and the revelations that lead him to write two books on the capacity of the brain to heal, and how we all can be active participants in our own brain health.

While Dr. Doidge and many others are advocates for integrating these alternative therapies, they do have their detractors.

Science or Pseudoscience?

Alternative therapies face a myriad of challenges to their validity. Skeptics question the efficacy of brain exercises and training the brain, often calling it pseudoscience.

But, the longevity, health, and cognitive development are all at the center of cutting-edge research across the globe.

Learning more about brain health and fitness allows you to better understand the science.

Here are some links to help you to create more dialogue and educate yourself on this topic:

Learn More About Brain Health:

Dr. Michael Merzenich answers questions about brain health at BrainHQ:

Dr. Claudia Aguirre discusses how a brain is able to be resilient:

Dr. Norman Doidge answers questions and talks more about his research findings:

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