Future Proofing Canada’s Workforce

We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution and the impact it will have on work is dramatic. Rather than creating millions of jobs, the new economy will displace old technology and jobs with either automation or professions that require very few humans.

How then do you survive? What skills are required to meet the needs of the workplace of the future? Will full time jobs become a thing of the past? Will we all need to become entrepreneurs as we learn to survive in a gig economy?

One of the challenges facing Canada is our fractured education agenda. Each province and territory is different and there is no national strategy to tie into. We are at a critical junction in the digital economy transition where government, educational institutions and businesses need to work together to understand the future of work and then take action.

A made-in-Canada solution that includes a range of social innovations that may or may not include a universal basic income is on the horizon. How we prepare for the coming changes will either protect Canadian jobs or place them at risk.

We invited Stephen Harrington, the National Lead of Deloitte’s Talent Strategy, to join us for a Conversation That Matters about the intelligence revolution and how to future proof Canada’s workforce.


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