The Future of the Electric Car

Electric cars: are they the future of individual transportation? The answer depends on who you’re talking to. Electric car enthusiasts will say, “Oh Yeah”; however, energy transition specialist Markam Hislop says, “Maybe, maybe not.”

That uncertainty arises from the fact that electric vehicles make up just two per cent of all automobiles in North America and much less than one per cent globally. Add in the fact the electric car was introduced more than 30 years ago, raising the question, “Why are sales so slow?”

The answers are many and they include range anxiety, the cost, a limited number of recharging stations, repair facilities and uncertainty over resale value. On the plus side, concern over greenhouses gases, the cost of gasoline and technological advances are boosting interest in electric cars.

As we move forward, infrastructure and subsidy purchase programs will be key factors in attracting more owners of electric cars.

We invited the President of the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association, Bruce Sharpe, to join us for a Conversation That Matters about the future of the electric vehicle.


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