How to Stretch Your Way to A Better Quality of Life

Dr. Helene Langevin joined Stu earlier this Fall for a Conversation That Matters on how discovering the ways in which the body reacts to a good stretch changed her life—and how her research is shifting treatments in pain management and healing.

Dr. Helene Langevin

The Harvard University researcher is not suggesting you can fix what ails you by stretching on your way to the coffee pot each morning.

Langevin and her colleagues, however, have discovered that how the body reacts to stretching can result in long-term benefits and improve the quality of our lives.

Revolutionary Research

Langevin’s research is changing the paradigm of integrative medicine. It started when she questioned how acupuncture works. What does the needle grab and why? Many in her field thought acupuncture was a waste of time, not a worthwhile research project. Langevin disagreed and now, she and her team are amongst the leaders shaping ways to integrate their research into treatments.

Let’s continue to examine threads of discussion around the value of stretch and how you can apply this in your daily lives:

Talking Points

Langevin believes that the best way to treat pain and disease is through Integrated Medicine—the combination of allopathic medicine and complementary therapies. CAM or Complimentary and Alternative Medicine has many detractors. How does Dr. Langevin’s discussion with Stu shift your perspective?

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

She gets into detail about new discoveries related to human connective tissue that serves as the scaffolding for the body. Check out more of her research HERE.

Interested in learning more about alternative therapies and research? Click below to watch Stu’s interview with Dr. Joseph Sung, Vice-Chancellor, and President of the University of Hong Kong, a global leader in Gastroenterology. Dr. Sung is actively working to introduce holistic approaches to patient care, in particular, Traditional Chinese Medicine.



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